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Vanilla Bean: One Spice with Uses in Different Industries

Vanilla beans are the second most expensive spices in the world ha vingmultiple uses. It is commonly used as flavoring agent in baked dishes, ice-creams and chocolates. This is the main reason that vanilla has extensive uses in the food industry. Different kinds of vanilla beans have different flavors. Based on the desired flavor profile, chefs use the specific type of beans. For instance, Madagascar and Tahitian beans are the preferred choice for preparing cakes and puddings due to their strong flavor and fruity aroma.

Besides cakes and puddings, Vanilla beans make a common addition in dairy products like ice-creams for getting the required flavor. You will often find different categories of vanilla ice-cream in the marketplace. The category or type of vanilla used in the ice-cream defines its labelling. For instance, there are three categories:

1. Type 1 category is natural vanilla extract and such ice-creams are commonly labelled as “vanilla ice-cream”.

2. Type 2 category is vanilla-vanillin extract. It contains both natural and artificial flavor whereas the natural component defines the characterizing flavor of ice-cream. Such ice-creams are labelled as “vanilla flavored ice-cream”.

3. Type 3 category is artificial and natural vanilla flavors where the artificial flavor dominates. Such ice-creams are labelled as “artificially flavored vanilla ice-cream”.

In Beverages

Believe it or not, vanilla is one of the most sought-after flavors used in preparing different kinds of beverages. It makes a common addition to colas along with spices and other citrus notes. Some other beverages including root beer, cream sodas and fruit beverages also contain seeds of vanilla beans. Talking about alcoholic beverages like cocktails and whiskeys, these beverages also contain vanilla flavors. Due to regulatory conditions of the particular country, vanilla and flavorings are used over vanilla extract for preparing alcohol-containing beverages.

Owing to these factors, vanilla beans remain in demand throughout the year for commercial purposes. These beans are available in the market in two grades – grade A and grade B. Based on the flavor and the type of dish you want to prepare, select grades in beans. You will find these grades in Madagascar, Indonesian and Tahitian beans. For purchasing these beans, either contact an online supplier or visit to your nearest supermarket.

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