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Vanilla Beans Grade A: All-Purpose Beans with High on Moisture Content

Vanilla shopping is easy if you which grade to buy and in how much quantity. Usually, two grades of vanilla beans are available in the marketplace- Grade B and Grade A vanilla beans. Both the grades have significant differences. These differences vary from color, length, flavor and price range. Let’s understand their differences in more detail.

Characteristics of Different Grades of Beans

Grade A beans are prime or gourmet vanilla beans with a higher moisture content. These beans have moisture content varying from 25 to 35%. They are dark brown in color, soft, pliable and have no blemishes or marks. The average length of these beans is 15-17 cm. The Grade A beans are further categorized into A-1 and A-2. The A-1 has moisture content up to 35% whereas A-2 has maximum moisture level of 30%. The Vanilla Beans Grade A are more expensive than Grade B and are considered as all-purpose beans. The seeds of Grade A beans are easy to scrape out and can be added directly in gourmet cuisines. These beans add aromatic and fruity flavor in baked dishes like ice-creams, puddings, etc.

Grade B beans have reddish-brown appearance and are low on moisture content i.e. they contain moisture up to 25% only. These beans have dry and brittle appearance and susceptible to cracking and breaking. Moreover, due to less moisture content, their average length is 10-15 cm. Because of extreme dryness and limited usage, Grade B beans are less expensive. These beans are good for making vanilla extract or vanilla bean powder.

How to buy High-Quality beans?

For buying Grade A or Grade B vanilla beans, you have two options. Either you can visit the nearest supermarket or you can buy them online. When you buy through online suppliers, you get assurance of timely delivery and high-quality. If you have not purchased vanilla beans before and this is your first time, then it is advisable to contact a reputed online supplier. The reason is professional suppliers always deal with high-quality products. So, you can confidently purchase vanilla A Grade beans in high quality by placing an online order and making an online payment.

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