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Vanilla Beans Grade A: Multi-Purpose Beans with High-Moisture Content

You do not have the complete knowledge about vanilla beans if you think they are only distinguish based on their country of origin. The simple but bitter fact is not all beans are created equal. Some beans have high moisture content whereas some have blemishes on their appearance. Based on the purpose, you can find two types of beans in the market place Vanilla beans Grade A and Grade B. The appearance and moisture content are the two main points of differentiation between these two beans.

Grade A Vanilla Beans

Also known as gourmet beans, these beans are beautiful with dark chocolate-like color with some hints of red. They are pliable, plump and full of millions of vanilla bean caviar. Due to high moisture content, say 30-35%, their texture is soft. They are rich with vanillin, the main compound responsible for providing natural vanilla smell and taste. These beans have blemish-free appearance. These beans are commonly used for preparing homemade vanilla bean paste, vanilla flavored sugar and many other dishes.

Grade B Beans

These beans are commonly known as “extraction grade” beans. These beans have blemishes on their appearance and have lower level of moisture. The Grade B beans are ideal to prepare dishes require concentrated flavors of vanilla. Because of low moisture content, these beans are extremely dry and are available in lesser prices.

Which Beans to Use?

The rule says that the Grade A vanilla beans are all-purpose beans ideal to use for cooking and baking. You can prepare vanilla extract, flavored sugar and add its beans for visual cue in dishes like custards, ice-cream, puddings, etc. On the other hand, Grade B beans have limited uses due to less moisture content.

Based on the dish you need to prepare, you can buy both Grades of beans from the online marketplace. Simply contact a reputed online supplier and disclose your requirements. The professional suppliers will deliver the desired quantity at your doorsteps within a few working days. You can buy these beans from the nearest supermarket as well, however the rates are higher than what online suppliers can offer. So, if you want quality and variety, place your order online.

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